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Margaret Nickelsen

Margaret Newman Nickelsen

Psychic Reader

Margaret is a professional psychic with over 25 years of experience. She has been reading regularly at Spirit Dreams for over 10 years. Margaret is available every other Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday by appointment. Readings are $40 for 30 minutes or $80 for 60 minutes. Gift certificates are available.

"My first reading experience was with Maggie.  I was filled with both wonderment and peace.  Much of what she had to say only I know in my inner being. I greatly look forward to our next time together."
- Claudia,    March 12, 2006

Phone: 616.822.3702

Website: JokersJourney.com

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Vivian Love

Reverend Vivian Love Kyle

Angel Intuitive Readings

The Reverend Vivian Love Kyle offers Angel Readings and painting classes at Spirit Dreams. During a Reading, Vivian sits with a client and begins to sketch with pastels while she shares the messages she is receiving. Messages cover the full range of life experiences including those we anticipate with joy and those we wish to avoid. The message is relayed by an angel who begins to take shape in the sketch. Often those who have passed over before us call out in these readings, as do our Guardian Angels, guides, teachers, and helpers from the spiritual realm. Readings are $40 for 30 minutes and $80 for 60 minutes. Gift certificates are available.

Phone: 616.822.3702

Website: loveisvictorious.com

Email: vivianlove@loveisvictorious.com

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Eugenia Marve

Eugenia Marve

Psychic Reader

Eugenia Marve is an award winning educator, motivational speaker and workshop facilitator in the areas of meditation, chromo therapy, intuitive awareness, spiritual growth and past life regression. She has been a psychic reader for over 35 years. Her belief in God’s blessings and spiritual guidance has been the corner stone of her life and work. As a reader she calls upon God’s spiritual guidance for information about her client’s life, health, economics and relationships. While envisioning a person’s health condition, Eugenia can, with tactile experience, view their internal condition. Eugenia is a distance reader capable of reading individuals regardless of location, whether in Alaska, Europe or deceased and in spirit. Eugenia is a telepath; she does not use cards.

Her intuitive and empathic ability makes a clear connection with spirit, providing clients and their loved ones, who may not be present, with information about their past, present and future. Eugenia is available for a host of personal development programs, readings by phone, on Skype and for party celebrations.

Eugenia is also available for readings at Spirit Dreams in Grand Rapids. The price for a half hour reading is $40. A one hour reading is $80. Gift certificates are available.

Phone: 616.243.4937

Website: MarveCreations.com

Email: eugenia@MarveCreations.com


Karen Hays Picture

Karen Hays

Psychic Reader and Clairvoyant

Healing and Uplifting the Spirit ~

Karen offers Intuitive Readings, Healing and Spiritual Teachings. During a Reading or Healing session with Karen, she acts as a conduit for your Angels and Spirit Guides, allowing you to experience the flow of Divine Wisdom, Love, and Light from across the veil that will help to illuminate your highest path. Visit Karen's website at serenityawakening.com to sign up for Online Spiritual Workshops and Readings from wherever you are in the world via phone or email. 


Emailkaren@serenityawakening.com or serenityawakening@yahoo.com