Spirit Dreams…the store with a conscience focusing on Holistic health, Wellness and Spiritual Growth

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of store are you?

We’re a unique gift store that focuses on Holistic Health, Wellness and

Spiritual Growth. Learn more on our About Page

Do you sell sage?

So much of it! White and Desert in small, medium and large bundles and loose.

Do you sell Amethyst?

Always! Citrine, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline and many more!

Do you have Readers?

Yes, Psychic Readers. Check out our Reader’s Page

Do you have Tarot Card or Palm Readers?

No, not at this time.

Do you sell Tarot Decks?

Yes, MANY! Oracle Decks too.

What do you sell?

Crystals, aromatherapy, natural body care, incense, candles, jewelry, books, music, cards, meditation tools, unique gifts and more.

Do you repair jewelry?

No, we refer to a full-service jewelry store for almost all repairs.

Do you wrap stones?

We can refer you to someone that does. We sell stone holders or “cages” that work great to hold stones to wear on a necklace or leather cord. 

Do crystals or sage interfere with my religious beliefs?

No they don’t. Using either is simply an aid to prayer and in no way a religious practice in and of themselves.

How do I use my crystals, sage or incense?

Please stop in and talk with one of our many staff members who can answer questions and help you explore the many options for use. We also have many books and similar resources that can help.

When are you open?

7 days a week.

Monday - Tuesday
10am to 6pm

10am to 7pm

Thursday - Friday
10am to 6pm

10am to 5pm

11pm to 4pm